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Farm Bureau is on the move

Sorry folks, you haven’t heard from us for quite a spell now, but we at the Farm Bureau have been working for you in more ways than one.

As the summer got busy for us in our own businesses, we kept on having our meetings and planning what we are going to do, just for you.

You are going to like it.

As a group, we prepared the Thursday lunch for the judges, superintendents and workers who put up the tents for the county fair. We had a good time and we had lots of “Well done, thank you” from the people we were feeding.

We also set up a booth at the fair and gave out our Farm Bureau information, both in person and in pamphlets. It was great; we got to visit with lots of you local folks and with visitors to the county as well.

We donated $500 to 4-H to be used as an “add on” for all the livestock kids who completed their projects. There is a lot of expense and hard work in those animals; we appreciate what the kids do and we want to help them come out at least even on their projects. The animals are one of the main attractions at the county fair and we need to keep them coming. A bear got into one family’s animals, so we are so very happy to help in that kind of situation. At the time the donation was made, we were still La Plata Archuleta County Farm Bureau and the “yes” vote we received from all the La Plata County Farm Bureau members when we asked for the money was very much appreciated.

We have now completed all of the requirements to become an Archuleta County Farm Bureau. We have some new members who are working with the organization in your best interest. We still want you if you are interested in Ag. Join us; we will keep you busy helping the people of Archuleta County. Don’t think you can’t help ... you can.

Archuleta County had some Farm Bureau members attend a state meeting that opened their eyes and now ours. That’s what we are going to share with all of you on Nov. 9.

We are bringing some important people from the state to Pagosa Springs who are going to educate us about our taxes and how to appeal if we are not assessed correctly. The meeting will be held Nov, 9 at 6 p.m. at the Extension Building. Please mark your calendars now.

Plans will be shared with you in every edition of The SUN from now until the last Thursday before Nov. 9. We want you to come to the meeting, we want you to know the facts, and we want you to ask questions of the panel members. We will not take on any personal problems, but you can ask questions the answers to which may help you, as well as someone else who has the same problem. That’s what Farm Bureau is here for. Come to the meeting and find out what it is all about.