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Living the spiritual life

Seeking to reorient their lives and looking for a guide for spiritual conversion, 30 community members gathered for a 10-week, non-denomination study exploring the spiritual life as a journey of faith and transformation. Utilizing the timeless wisdom of renowned author Henry Nouwen, participants enhanced their faith commitment and considered the spiritual disciplines required to live a spiritual life.

Organized by St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, four weekly discussion groups met both in homes around the community as well as in the church. Wilma Espoy graciously opened her lovely home for a final combined group gathering and potluck to celebrate the growth and fellowship of the participants.

A similar study will be scheduled for later this winter and again open to the public. The study text “Spiritual Direction-Wisdom for the long Walk of Faith” is wrapped in parables, personal narratives and biblical reflections. Nouwen’s text guides the reader on a faith-deepening journey.

The study is designed to include anyone, from any walk of faith — from those who consider themselves deeply spiritual to those who are simply curious or spiritually provoked. Participants will explore Nouwen’s universal spiritual questions through the use of personal reflection exercises and group discussions.

The study calendar will be determined during the next month and advertised throughout the community. Again, there will be no fee for participation beyond the participant’s purchase of Nouwen’s book.

To pre-enroll, contact St. Patrick’s Church, 731-5801 or Cherlyn Gwin, 731-9666.