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Changed your name?  What were you thinking? 

Mountain Heights Baptist Church has, by unanimous congregational vote, changed its name to CrossRoad Christian Fellowship.  We feel that God has guided us to a name with a deeper spiritual significance.

What’s behind the name change?  CrossRoad Christian Fellowship wants to reach out to the community, and its seasonal guests, in a loving and encompassing manner.  While CrossRoad will retain a healthy and beneficial relationship with the Southern Baptist Convention, its worship services and ministry will reflect its name change. 

Many Christians prefer a church that is not denominationally structured.  They value a place where Jesus Christ is the central focus in all things temporal and eternal.  CrossRoad wants to let every adult and child know that Jesus Christ provides an eternal and loving relationship with fresh starts and new beginnings every day.

The road of Jesus Christ leads us to the cross, through the cross, and is the way of the cross.  He is our Lord, teacher, shepherd and example.  Our seven core values are:

1. Jesus Christ being the central focus in all things.

2.  Authentic worship that glorifies the Triune God.

3. Christian teamwork by mutual submission.

4. An overflow of thankfulness to God and to others.

5. Discernment acquired from sound/balanced Biblical teaching.

6. Being deeply missions-minded at home and abroad.

7. Having a church culture that is non-religious or legalistic.

Pastor Curt Wiggers, and the congregation, warmly invite you to join us this and every Sunday for needs-meeting worship services, the study of God’s Word, caring fellowship, and reaching out to those in need throughout the world.  CrossRoad Christian Fellowship is located at 1044 Park Ave., behind City Market, just west of the Pagosa Lakes Recreation Center.  Our main worship service starts at 10 a.m. — come as you are and be welcomed.