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In Memoriam - Arcenia Manuelita Perea

In Loving Memory of

Arcenia Manuelita Perea

June 9, 1964-September 14, 2010

I think about you all the time, Day and night you’re on my mind

I see your face it’s always there; I take a breath and say a prayer

Please Lord don’t let it be, How can you take her away from me

Those twinkle eyes and charcoal hair, The way she smiled without a care

Or so we thought, hoped, wished, and prayed, Oh how we’d wish she’d stayed

To know she’s with those whom have passed on, Gives us strength to carry on

Now we know she’s somewhere safe, No more pain in a better place

She is not a person we can ever forget; A relationship with you was no regret

No matter what people may say, You were a great friend all day every day

The World’s Greatest Mom there is no doubt

A Baby Sister you just can’t live without.