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Cards of Thanks


The McQuiggin family would like to extend a sincere and profound thank you to Seeds of Learning staff and parents for their participation on Saturday, Aug. 28 in building Archuleta County Habitat for Humanity house No. 21 — the lunch was delicious and the build went seamlessly. So much was accomplished last Saturday as the Seeds of Learning team went to work, not only doing some of the toughest jobs on the build, but working with efficiency bolstered by a great attitude. We’d also like to thank and recognize Lyn Dryberg for organizing the Seeds of Learning crew and getting them out to the site.

Seeds of Learning staff and parents — you have our eternal gratitude!

Jim, Lilly, Marni and Zeke


The family of Crystal Quintana would like to express our heartfelt thank you for the flowers, cards and kind words we received during our time of sorrow.

We would also like to thank the wonderful people who attended the Celebration of Life, as well as those who brought food and helped out so much.

Finally, we would like to thank Crystal’s lifelong best friend, Isabel Webster, for her hard work in putting the Celebration of Life together in the first place and being there for our family in so many different ways. We would have never been able to get through this terrible time without this amazing lady! We love you so much, Isabel!


Tim Quintana, Royce Dotson and Rod and Tina Willet


Thank you so very much to the many who have worked with me over the past 23 years at the Archuleta County Sheriff’s Department. I have been there for a number of elected sheriffs and each made my job easier by giving me the opportunity to build the jail operation into the best with what the county can afford. Changes in technology, laws, courts and everyday operations have been many. The jail population grew very quickly with the many changes in the area. Doing so it outgrew the facility many years faster than anticipated. The staff was always willing to work hard to get shifts covered 24/7, courts secured, inmates transported. Respect of my staff for me and I for them was vital. I cannot thank them enough. There are always improvements to be had and budgets to contend with. I have worked with many county commissioners, financial directors, county managers, who do the best they can with what they have. Being a fourth generation in Archuleta County, I am proud of the sheriff’s department.

Thank you to all for the well wishes Friday at the courthouse. Thank you to the many friends and family who, along with the sheriff’s department, marked my retirement with a gathering Saturday afternoon. Special thanks to all who worked so hard on the preparations and delicious food. You are part of my extended family! Priceless are the warm thoughts and hugs from so many caring people of the community.

Mencor Valdez


We would like to thank all of the people who helped Suzanne after her accident Aug. 20. We would like to thank all of the people in the network, which reunited us with our dogs, Rosie and Carly. Some of you we talked to. Some of you we never met. It is comforting to know that all of you helped us when we were in need.


Peter and Suzanne Coe