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A classic fish story ... with photo

This year, fishing has been outstanding for the summer residents in Pagosa Springs. My wife and I come up each year for the summer and leave early October before the snow starts to fly. We love Pagosa and I fish almost every day in some of the best fishing waters in Colorado.

One thing you can count on from a fisherman is a real big fish story. I know one local resident who has a sign on his front door that says, “I Fish & I Lie!”

Those of us who enjoy fishing also enjoy embellishing the story just a little to make for good breakfast conversation or after hours tales at one of the local pubs. It just seems to be a part of the sport.

This year we have had several really big fish stories; but, one of the best is a story where a fisherman caught a small perch and while reeling in the small fish, a huge bass attacked the fish and hit it with such vigor and enthusiasm, the perch became lodged in the big bass’s mouth and the fisherman was able to land both the perch and the bass.

Admittedly, this is a real tale of tales; but ... we have a picture.

This same day a rainbow trout actually jumped up on the fishing dock at Lake Pagosa all by itself. Bystanders were so taken back that no pictures were taken of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

The picture of the bass with the perch in his mouth was taken by a summer visitor — George Saltsman from Willis, Texas. George sent me the picture and I just had to share this story with all the fishermen here in the Pagosa area.

We enjoy fishing here each year and love Pagosa Springs in the spring and summer. We are too old to enjoy the winters.

Keep a tight line and enjoy.