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Nominations taken for Noxious Weed Advisory Committee

Four positions within the State Noxious Weed Advisory Committee will be vacant in October 2010. 

Nominations are now being taken to fill these important positions.

The primary responsibility of the committee is to discuss Colorado’s weed management problems and craft solutions that best reflect public and private interests.  The committee then makes recommendations to the Colorado Department of Agriculture concerning designation of state noxious weeds; classification of state noxious weeds; development and implementation of state weed management plans; and prescribed techniques for eradication, containment, and suppression of state noxious weeds.

The state advisory committee consists of fifteen members who are appointed by the Commissioner of Agriculture, John Stulp. 

“The members of this committee play an important role in shaping department and state policy concerning noxious weeds,” stated Stulp.  “Their recommendations help protect landowners and the state as a whole.”

CDA makes every effort to balance the interests of the committee and to ensure different geographic areas of the state are represented equally.  Terms are two years in length and appointees are limited to two full consecutive terms each.  Members meet quarterly.

Positions becoming vacant in October include: Private Landowner (one position); Agricultural Producer (two positions); Other/At-Large (one position).

Nominations are currently being taken and must be submitted no later than Oct. 1.   Forms can be found under the “News” section on


Sept. 9 — 11:45 a.m., Mountain View Homemakers meeting.

Sept. 9 — 6 p.m., Archuleta County Planning Commission Forum.

Sept. 9 — 7 p.m., Western Heritage Event Center meeting.

Sept. 10 — 2:15 p.m., Wolf Creek Wonders Club.

Sept. 11 — 6 p.m., Holiday Acres Property Owners Association meeting.

Sept. 12 — Noon, San Juan Meats Delivery from 4-H Livestock Auction.

Sept. 14 — 6 p.m., Rocky Mountain Riders Club.

Sept. 14 — 7:30 p.m., Farm Bureau meeting.

Sept. 15 — 5 p.m., County Fair Board meeting.

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