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Love Song reunion tour, with Chuck Smith, Sept. 13

Love Song was one of the main Jesus music bands, one of the first Christian rock bands. 

It was founded in 1970 by Chuck Girard, Tommy Coomes, Jay Truax and Fred Field.  Additionally, the earliest members included David Ingram, Ernie Earnshaw and Jack Schaeffer.  Schaeffer came up with the group’s name.  Denny Correll also sang with the group early on, before they became Christians.

They were a part of the Jesus Movement of the late ’60s and ’70s, coming out of Pastor Chuck Smith’s Calvary Chapel.  Their first album, “Love Song” (1972), is one of the best Christian music albums of all time.  They toured much in the early ’70s, and were very well known in the United States and abroad.

 Many of the original members continued with solo careers and some are still performing today.  The music Love Song was playing at that time really had no place in the Christian scheme of things.  But here they were, creating new rhythms and difficult guitar patterns, all put together with an undeniably clear gospel message.  Their music reached hundreds of thousands of people around the world, who saw their dynamic live performances.

 Pastor Chuck Smith, Calvary Chapel, who was one of the leaders of the Jesus Movement in the late ’60s and ’70s will be with the reunion tour.  Pastor Chuck has been traveling with the band and will be sharing a bit of history and testimony of the band members.

A free concert will take place Monday, Sept. 13, at Town Park. The concert starts at 7 p.m. For more information call (970) 507-0123 or visit