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Pirate golfers host tournament
Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pirate golfers hosted their only home tournament at the Pagosa Springs Golf Club Aug. 26.

The team title was won by Montrose. The Pirates were eighth, with a team score of 308.

Reyes McInnis, a sophomore, was the top scoring Pirate, shooting a 92 and finishing in a tie for 23rd place. Drew Mackey, a junior, was 30th, with a 105. Jaylen Ochoa was 31st, shooting a 111. Casey Mudroch placed 32 with a score of 112 and Joey Campbell finished 35th, shooting 128. Ochoa, Mudroch and Campbell are freshmen. The team was missing veteran Corey Lucero who tore his ACL earlier in the year.

The day before the Pagosa tournament, the golfers competed in Cortez, with both McInnis and Mackey shooting in the 90s.

Tomorrow, Sept. 3, the team travels to a tournament in Monte Vista and will pass the midpoint of the 2010 schedule.

Faber said he is working to locate a tournament for the following weekend, possibly a competition in New Mexico.

The Pirates compete at Durango Sept. 13, and at the Rye Tournament on Sept. 14. The regional practice rounds are set for Sept. 20 with the regional tournament on Sept. 14. The regional events will be held at the Hollydot course.

“We’re really young,” said Faber. “But, these guys are really working at it, and they are getting to play. They’ve all played tournaments, and that is important. It is fun working with athletes who want to do the work and improve. We are going to do the best we can and head them to regionals.”