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First annual LASSO Hay Drive

September is the first annual hay drive for LASSO — our local horse rescue non-profit.

LASSO needs 800 bales of good quality hay to help those horse owners who are struggling to feed their horses because of the economic downturn. LASSO provides this temporary safety net, similar to food stamps, to help a horse owner keep her or his horse. LASSO already has several horses that have been surrendered and hay is needed now for these horses. Donating hay is similar to a food drive; we give what can to help others. We are asking that you consider donating a bale of hay or $5. Hay and donations can be dropped off at Pagosa Feed, contact LASSO, 264-0095, or mail your donation to LASSO, P.O. Box 2291, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147. All donations are tax deductible.

To say thank you, LASSO is inviting all donors to join us for a play day with our horses at LASSO’s home. You can bring your hay or donation that day. The event starts at 10 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 18. Directions to LASSO’s barn are: south on U.S. 84, travel approximately three miles from U.S. 160, turn left just past the “Winslow on the Shire” on Pineview. At the rock planters, turn left — 1360 Terry Robinson Road. Follow the signs. For more information concerning this horse play day, call 264-0095 or 264-0272.

We will have an extensive obstacle course set up for you to work with your horse, on the ground (bring a halter and 12-foot lead rope) to improve your handling skills and to help your horse better understand what you want. Succeeding with these fun exercises translates directly to a better behaving horse when in the saddle. Obstacles will include barrels to do figure 8s, weave patterns, pedestal, tarps, low jumps, cavalletti’s, horse ball, L-shape poles for working on managing your horse’s feet backing up and going sideways along with other obstacles. Several volunteers will be there who have experience with their horses doing these obstacles and will help us succeed. We will have a few goofy prizes to give away (please bring one to share) and a barbecue mid day — please bring a side dish.

Our Hay Drive snaffle drawing with prizes, including a $300 night at Coyote Lodge, a $200 turquoise necklace and other prizes, will be held at the play day. Purchase a snaffle ticket at Pagosa Feed before the event or purchase one that day. Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20. Call Beverly Compton for further details or to help with this hay drive, 731-3471.