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Who is man that you are mindful of him?

Who is man? When you consider all of creation, the mountains, oceans, the heavens and all they contain, who is man that God would ever be mindful of him? Many people have a dim view of who they are. Many are insecure as to their value. This is the underlying problem in this world today. People do not understand just how greatly valued they are. They are unaware that God finds them to be of great value! Hear God’s heart and absorb the truth of who you really are in the Father’s (God’s) eyes.

In Matthew 13:44 a man found a treasure hidden in a field and was so overwhelmed with joy that he sold all that he had and bought the field so that he could possess the treasure. Look at what Jesus is saying. The man (God) was on a treasure hunt, and found a incredibly valuable treasure. He became so excited about his find that he (God) bankrupts Heaven to buy the land so he can possess the treasure. Readers, the treasure is YOU! You are that great prized treasure God was so willing to give up everything for. He held back nothing in order to make you His own. What is his heart toward you? Zephaniah 3:17 says God is with you, He is mighty to save you (make you safe and sound). He delights in you, He will quiet you with His love, and He rejoices over you with singing. What a powerful statement of God’s love and commitment to mankind!

God, rejoicing because of you! You are His treasure, His greatest prize in all creation. In fact, valued doesn’t even begin to express how totally precious you are to the Father (Papa). There is nothing Papa would not have done to make you His, to bring you into sonship. ( Ladies, spiritually speaking you too are sons. If I can be the bride, certainly you wonderful gals can be sons)

Luke 15:8 Jesus says a woman has ten silver coins and loses one of them. She searches for the coin. She turns the house upside down looking for this one coin. Let’s say you have $53 in your pocket, but when you pull out your money there are only $52. I know I’m not tearing the house apart for $1. The time I waste looking is worth more than $1. This woman doesn’t feel that way about her coin. You see the woman here is Papa and the coin is you. Papa is going to turn the world upside down until He finds that coin, you! He refuses to lose even one of His precious children. When the woman finds the coin she invites her friends over to celebrate because she found her coin. God too throws a party over you! Please grasp that you are extremely value in God’s sight. We need to change our thinking about God and what He thinks of us. Scripture is clear: you are His treasure, YOU are the pearl of great value. His love for all men is extravagant, beyond necessity. If you build a three bedroom house and put a $100,000 chandelier in the living room that would be extravagant, beyond necessity or reason. Yet that is how Papa loves you…beyond reason. That is why David said, who is man that you are mindful of, or constantly focused on him. It goes beyond our ability to reason. It makes no difference what you think, it does not change the truth, you are extravagantly loved by Papa.

You could say, you have no idea what I have done or who I am. You don’t know the number of people I have hurt. You are right I don’t know, it does not matter. You are extravagantly loved, beyond necessity or reason.

I like the way a friend put it. The woman found the coin. How long had it been missing? Possibly years. Could it be tarnished? Most definitely. Could it be damaged? Sure. Might it have been used inappropriately? Certainly, it could have been used to purchase things that weren’t good, nor good for us. Yet the woman rejoiced when she found it. Why? Because the coin never lost its value.

It makes no difference what we have done. Only in our eyes are we damaged, or tarnished. Only we believe we have behaved inappropriately, and that now God is angry with us. We must change our thinking about Papa. In His eyes you never lose value. Never!

For God so loved people that he sent His only Son Jesus. Not to Judge or condemn people, but to save them, to make them safe and sound. He did not come to condemn you, but to rescue you, to make you safe and sound. We need to receive His love and become His sons and daughters. It’s as simple as that.

God bless you all

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