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Local teens — summer in Pagosa

We’ve all heard teenagers in the summer say, “I’m bored!”

The question is: Do teenagers mind being bored, or do they really prefer having something planned for them all of the time?

Local teens were interviewed and asked how they spend their summer, if they thought there should be more planned programs for teens in the summer and, if these activities were available, would they participate in them.

Sierra Perdee, a high school freshman, answered, “Normally, I spend my summer outside, like jumping on the trampoline or riding my bike. Yes, I would because you would have more stuff to do, and you would be with people. And you would be with your friends.”

Kim Hunsicker, a sophomore, replied, “Working and rodeo. Yes, and it depends on the programs.”

Freshman Maddy Davey responded, “I do a lot of things. I’m usually pretty busy all of the time. Sure, I guess that’s cool, but I don’t think I would.”

Junior Evan Brookens answered, “Backpacking, swimming, tubing, rafting, working, running, and hanging out. Depends on what they are, depends if they applied to me. Probably not, though.”

Lindsay Martinez, freshman, replied, “I work for my dad, doing kind of landscaping stuff. Yes, and yes I would do them.”

Freshman Sierra Monteferrante responded, “Hanging out with my friends. No I don’t agree with that. Kids should find something to do themselves. Probably not.”

According to the Early Show, produced by CBS News, “... a new survey finds the risk that teens will smoke, drink, get drunk and use illegal drugs increases sharply if they are highly stressed, frequently bored, or have substantial amounts of spending money.”

Also, the survey said, “ ...often bored teens are 50 percent likelier than not often bored teens to smoke, drink, get drunk, and use illegal drugs.”

CBS News investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reported, “… untold millions of your tax dollars are paying for recreation in the name of crime prevention: pool parties, rollercoaster rides, and police donut eating contests. The idea is that fun activities keep kids out of trouble, build self esteem, and prevent crime.”

9 Eyewitness News reported, “… crime usually increases over the summer among the student population. Officials say keeping your teens active can help keep them out of trouble.”

Teen Health states that some teens prefer to be bored in the summer, and see their break as a time to unwind and relax before they have to go back to school. Also, they would rather make their own fun than go than participate in planned activities. However, some teens say summer is boring to them if they don’t have anything planned.

So, even though activities do keep teens out of trouble, many teens would rather not participate in planned activities, but would rather hang out with their friends or make their own fun.

If teens are bored, there are many things they can do, such as: hang out with friends, volunteer, get a job, get involved with sports activities, play games, offer to help neighbors, babysit, or take advantage of the beautiful place in which we live and go hiking or camping.

More specifically, in Pagosa Springs teens can do many things like hang out at the river, spend time at the Pagosa Springs Youth Center, visit the library, take in a movie at the Liberty Theater, play a round of disc golf, challenge friends to a game of putt-putt golf at Bogey’s Mini Golf or Wyndham Activities Center, or play some of the many games at Pagosa Game Space.

So, if you just want to hang out and soak up the summer sun, Pagosa is a great place to relax. But, if you’re bored, there’s really no excuse, Pagosa has many opportunities for teens to have fun.