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Helping hands grab suspect

Neighbors lending a helping hand led to the arrest of a Pagosa Springs man for trespassing in the Vista subdivision Sunday.

Christian Tuller, 19, was arrested on charges of first-degree criminal trespass on Aug. 8 following a report of a burglary at 125 Ranger Park Drive, located in Vista.

According to the preliminary incident report, the resident heard a knock on the door, but before she could finish dressing and answer the door, she heard it open and close.

Upon entering, the resident reported that she saw a male, later identified as Tuller, standing in the living room and said the male then turned and ran out the front door and down the road.

The woman said she chased Tuller toward Sam Houston Drive before giving up. She reported seeing the man holding something white against his chest while running.

The woman then returned home and called her husband. The husband reported the incident to Archuleta County Combined Dispatch and informed a neighbor of the suspect’s description.

The neighbor began driving around the subdivision, looking for Tuller, who had been seen in the neighborhood earlier in the day, while Dep. Michael Bishop responded to the report.

The neighbor flagged Bishop down and reported that he believed the suspect may have run toward a large field located between the subdivision and U.S. 160.

The neighbor said he had seen a male walking through the field, identified as part of the Chris Mountain Ranch, toward the highway and that the man had stopped by a fence and crouched down in the brush.

Bishop remained in contact with the neighbor while accessing the property where Tuller was seen.

After Bishop reached the property, the neighbor reported that Tuller was moving back toward the Trails subdivision.

As Bishop was on the phone with the neighbor, a homeowner within the Chris Mountain Ranch subdivision inquired about what was happening, then reported that a young man fitting the description had stopped by the house and asked to use the phone.

Continuing the search, the neighbor from Vista reported that Tuller had moved again and stopped somewhere near the house, again crouching in the bushes.

While looking around the back of the house, Bishop saw something move and saw a male’s head duck behind an entertainment center that was sitting on a back patio.

Bishop apprehended Tuller and arrested him on charges of first-degree criminal trespass, as well as a violation of bail bond conditions stemming from a separate report.

Nothing was reported missing from the home on Ranger Park Drive.