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Pagosa GO-GETTERS win Pinewood Derby competition

Pathfinders from the Pagosa GO-GETTERS attended the annual Rocky Mountain Conference Pathfinder Fair at Glacier View Ranch west of Boulder. Clubs gathered from Colorado, Wyoming and parts of Nebraska and New Mexico.

Friday’s special event was the Pinewood Derby where youngsters make racing cars from a block of wood and race them down a track. Pagosa G0-GETTERs Cheyenne Martinez, Indiana and Liberty Thompson built racers to compete. Indy Thompson won first place in the Junior Division ages 10-12 and her sister Liberty Thompson won first place in the Teen Division. These champions were then raced together along with the adult winner. No car could beat Indiana Thompson’s red and white Indy Formula One car as she took overall champion. Indiana Thompson, age 10, was the newest addition to Pathfinders,

Throughout the weekend, youth participated in various nature classes, learning about trees, spiders, animal tracking and seeds. Other classes included drawing, braiding, archery and hiking.

“Heaven Bound” was the theme for the weekend and the TKO comedy team led worship highlights challenging youth to “pack right” for the trip, leaving unnecessary things out of their lives. Using the “manual” or Bible was essential to finding the way and doing it right. It concluded with the need to follow “the light” or Jesus to get to the final destination. These meetings were especially enjoyed by all the youth. Martinez and Indiana Thompson have prepared to be baptized Sept. 4 in the San Juan River.