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New 4-way stop to be installed on South Eighth Street Aug. 28

Toward the end of this month, drivers travelling on South Eighth Street will find their commute a little impeded when a four-way stop is installed at the intersection with Piedra Street.

Set to be installed on Aug. 28, just before the start of school, the four-way stop is going in as a response to ongoing complaints by neighborhood residents that drivers on South Eighth Street often exceed the 25-mile-an-hour speed limit, posing a safety hazard to pedestrians and other drivers.

According to Pagosa Springs Town Planner James Dickhoff, the stop sign was proposed after neighborhood residents met to address the problem of speeding and, after considering several options, decided that a four-way stop sign at Piedra Street was the best, most cost-effective option.

The Pagosa Springs Town Council heard the proposal for the stop sign at its Aug. 3 meeting and voted unanimously to approve the four-way stop.

“After meeting with residents,” Dickhoff told council, “it was agreed that a four-way stop was the best way to slow traffic on a street where speeding seems to be fairly common.”

“I assume that, not only will this add to the safety on Eighth, but it will add some revenues to the town coffers?” asked council member (and former police chief) Don Volger.

“Yes,” replied current Pagosa Springs Police Chief Bill Rockensock. “We’ll be out there writing tickets for any violations.”

According to Rockensock, the Pagosa Springs Police Department will watch the vicinity of the new four-way stop for several weeks after it is installed, hoping that a visible police presence will make drivers aware of the stop. While Rockensock said he hoped drivers would obey the law, he stated that officers would not hesitate to issue citations to violators.