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Jason Rose Trio to perform at Art in the Garden Aug. 21

In the past three and a half years, Jason Rose, Mike Moore and Kate Kelley have often united to share their musical talent, playing at church services, each others’ homes, gatherings, the park, coffee shops and at places like Pine Ridge Extended Care Center here in Pagosa.

“We enjoy each other as friends and as musicians,” Jason said.

They will perform again, as the Jason Rose Trio, at Art in the Garden Festival 2010, between 3 to 7 p.m. on Aug. 21 on the incredibly lovely grounds of Werner and Maryse Buck’s residence in Continental Estates, off U.S. 84.

Jason’s mother, Darlene, who was uniquely gifted, had a love and appreciation of music that was “infectious” in a way that’s good to spread around.

“My mother loved her music,” says Jason. She would play it on a record player, at home, or on an 8-track tape player while driving in their speckle crest green Pinto station wagon.

“Our family was a talented musical family. Both my mother and father enjoyed their music,” he recalls.

But his mother was the one who nurtured and influenced Jason’s own love for music. She started him on piano lessons at an early age. Her example of singing along with the music of The Carpenters, Julie Andrews and Gordon Lightfoot is something he remembers fondly today.

Jason’s family lived and traveled in Europe and the influence of watching musicians on Norwegian television and attending church services in the jungles of Madagascar helped open his eyes to the realization of musical styles from different cultures. He was especially impressed by a Zimbabwe artist, Oliver Mtkudzl, whose talent Rose enjoyed because of Oliver’s distinctive African acoustic guitar playing was filled with joy and an abundance of energy. Musicians like Paul Simon and Bret Dennen emulate the same sound and Jason has felt drawn to their music as well.

Jason also loves the “wordsmiths” like James Taylor, Pierce Petts, and Mark Heard, who put importance on every word they use in their songs. Every lyric written is intentional and placed in a perfect place. It’s a huge challenge to provide a message that will be recognized universally and these songwriters have been great mentors for Jason.

Jason is a singer and songwriter, and also works as a church music director. His song writing is particularly inspired by a deep faith in a big God, even in the midst of a gritty world. God’s creation inspires Jason. The natural beauty that surrounds Pagosa Springs is food for his artistic soul. When he takes time for hiking or backpacking, he always returns home with a new tune and lyrics in his head. Jason is thankful to live in a place like Pagosa Springs which, to him, embodies the best of a small town. He feels the people here are some of the neatest folks and he’s pleased to be part of Grace Church, where it’s always fun and meaningful for him, week after week.

Jason’s newest album, “Call on Me,” along with previous music, can be purchased on itunes,, CD, as well as at Higher Grounds Coffee Shop.

Mike remembers always having a love of music — when he was fourteen years old, it was no surprise he was able to teach himself how to play guitar. He plays guitar, the mandola and the mandolin with an ease that speaks volumes about his great musical ability. His older brother took him to a bluegrass festival that was a defining moment for him. From that time forward, he was hooked.

What he loves most about music is how a song can give you an indescribable feeling within your body while it speaks about your own life, loved ones or a friend, making you feel like the words were written specifically for you. A songwriter who has that ability makes music more gratifying.

Mike’s excellence in his music commitment rolls over into the two local businesses he helps run: one, a high end construction firm, Moore and Company, the second, Cruise Concepts — which he runs with a partner, Don Haywood — is a Toyota Land Cruiser rebuilding and remodeling company.

Mike has been playing music with friends here in Pagosa for many years. He loves to enjoy the outdoors with his family and friends every chance he can.

Kate, known as a multi-string player in the Divertimento Quartet, will also perform with the Jason Rose Trio at this year’s Art in the Garden.

She has the ability to change from one instrument to another with ease, and her personality obviously permits her to move from one group to another effortlessly.

Kate started lessons on violin when she was ten years old and continued into high school. While there, the orchestra conductor selected Kelley to occupy the position of violist. It was a painless transition for Kate. She stayed with the viola through the last two years of high school and remained playing it through four years at Connecticut University.

By then, faced with all the responsibilities of being a wife and a mother, she chose to make her family her priority, setting her instrument aside. After many years, she eventually returned to her music at the urging of friends. Kate chose to further challenge herself by learning to play cello. She’s discovered the cello is the instrument that most grabs at her heart.

This year’s Art in the Garden 2010 is pleased to have a great selection of musical sets including the Jason Rose Trio.

Along with the music, 15 talented regional artists will display their artwork and work plein air.

Outstanding samplings of French gourmet food will be served and, in addition, a French market place will be present as part of the French country theme, selling both fresh-baked bread and fresh, locally grown vegetables.

The purpose of the festival is to help provide aid to the poor, needy and elderly of our community.

Everyone is invited to help with this goal by supporting the event and also enjoying a day of fun and relaxation on Aug. 21 from 3-7 p.m. at the home and gardens of the Buck’s.

Tickets can be purchased at Pagosa Springs Area Chamber of Commerce, Nello’s, and Community United Methodist Church.

Single tickets are $45 and two or more tickets, purchased at the same time, are $40 each.

For more information about Art in the Garden, please go to website: