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Fun and learning at Kamp Pa-Goh-Sah

Rocket science, dry ice vapor bubbles, kids in the kitchen, fishing at the pond, lazy summer reading, hiking, picnics, playing in the river, summer Olympics Pagosa style, field trip to Creede to see “Zues on the Loose.” What more can we say? Kamp Pa-Goh-Sah Kids summer camp is rocking along and the kids are having a great time.

After taking a quick inventory of some of the Kampers’ “fondest” memories of camp so far, the kids shared a varied list of the camp’s most fun activities.

Several of the kids enjoyed the “Kids in the Kitchen” week. One of the week’s features was “How many ways to make a pizza pie?” and the kids cooked pizza rolls, taco pizza and chocolate chip pizza pie. Another favorite item on the kids’ list was the nutritious snacks. Well, some of the snacks were nutritious, and others were just fantastically yummy.

Katie, one of our campers, particularly enjoyed cooking. Katie helps her mom prepare dinner and she enjoyed having the experience of cooking with ingredients she had not used before and learning how to make new recipes. Jayden, another camper, also enjoyed the cooking and making treats — especially the pretzel candy eggs.

Another activity thoroughly enjoyed by the children was fishing at the pond, especially catching the eight fish! One of the children had never fished and was elated at catching not one but two fish.

Along with weekly themes, KPK (Kamp Pa-Goh-Sah Kids) provides daily activities that provide children with opportunities to grow and develop physically. Two of the youngest children have learned to roller skate. How fun it has been to see them go from hardly being able to stand on the skates to gliding across the floor triumphantly. The first words out of their mouths when they walk in the door are “Ms. Jaye, can we roller skate?”

My personal favorite thing? Seeing the joy and exultation on a child’s face when they have accomplished a “first.” That makes being around children the absolute best!

KPK also seeks to provide opportunity for imaginative play. Some of the children listed fort building as one of the favorite things they like to do. We keep blankets, sheets, cardboard and plenty of duct tape available for our construction projects. Currently, we have huge cardboard snakes running around the gym! And a few fortresses to keep them out.

KPK’s goal is to provide a fun, educational environment for the children. So far, the focus has been on the fun; however, with the beginning of school in the not too distant future, KPK is gearing up to put more of a focus on reading and math skills in preparation for the kids going back to school. Structured daily reading and math activities are part of the day’s plan in addition to playing in the river, swimming, playing with friends.

Upcoming themes are “Acting Up” (experimenting with drama), Photography, Wild, Wacky Water week, Art week, and “Geek” week (computer stuff). Although we have the weekly themes, themes may change according to ages and interest of the children. Some of our weekly themes also include field trips.

The camp is located at the Pagosa Springs Youth Center (formerly the Power House) and openings are still available at KPK with many options to fit families’ needs. The camp is open every day from 7:45 a.m.-5:30 p.m. for families needing all-day childcare or the option of a 10 a.m.-3 p.m. day camp is also available. KPK is here for the families of Pagosa and our tourist guests.

The camp will run each week through Aug. 27 with the exception of closing the week of Aug. 2-6 (Ms. Jaye’s going to Belize to get married!). The camp will resume Aug. 9. Contact Ms. Jaye at 946-3127 or Joanne Irons at 946-7545 for more information.