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Paper & Clay 3 features original prints by Sandy Applegate

Don’t miss the last few days of Paper & Clay 3 on display at SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts through Aug. 8.

This third annual group exhibition features a wide array of high quality functional and sculptural ceramics, as well as an impressive selection of hand-pressed Reductive Ink monoprints.

There is something for everyone in this diverse invitational, whether you are a longtime collector of original prints and ceramics, or simply an appreciator of art, interested in enjoying a showcasing of exciting new work.

The 16 artists selected for inclusion hail from Colorado, Arizona, Montana and Texas, and are comprised of Northern Arizona University (NAU) educators/alumni/undergraduates, as well as several emerging and nationally recognized printmakers.

This show marks SHY RABBIT’s 25th exhibition, as the 4,000 square-foot art center enters into its seventh year of operation in Pagosa Springs.

SHY RABBIT is open to the public daily — at no charge — from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and evenings by appointment.

The “Clay” works chosen for display include an intriguing blend of functional, sculptural and figurative ceramics produced by ceramics instructor, Steven Schaeffer, M.F.A., of Northern Arizona University (NAU), Flagstaff, along with several of NAU’s noteworthy graduate students, prominent professional ceramic artists and art educators currently working in the field.

The ceramic artists selected for inclusion in Paper & Clay 3 are: Chelsea Arndt, Tristyn H. Bustamante, James Alfred Coquia, Jack Heimerman, Jason Hess, Blake McCord, Julie Ogier, Larry Phan, Steven Schaeffer and Duncan Tweed.

In consideration of the exemplary work produced during “Printmaking without a Press” 1-3 WORK-shops @ SHY RABBIT, a select group of advanced printmakers were invited by professional artist and workshop instructor D. Michael Coffee to participate in Paper & Clay 3.

The “Paper” works on display represent a commitment by these artists to the advancement of the “Reductive Ink” printmaking process, developed by Coffee over the course of the last 23 years.

The printmakers selected for inclusion in Paper & Clay 3 are Sandy Applegate, Marti Bledsoe, Lal Echterhoff, Linda Echterhoff and Maureen May.

This week’s featured artist, Sandy Applegate, has been a full-time resident of Pagosa Springs since 1995.

“Colorado is a great place to play and create artwork”, states Applegate.

“I love textures, colors and drama. I suggest scenes or stories, and let the viewer’s imagination fill in the many possible scenarios. Atmosphere and mystery.”

Applegate was born in Wisconsin, raised in Illinois, and attended art school in Chicago. She spent many years in a variety of careers and past-times, but always created and experimented with art media.

With the addition of several workshops studying under a number of notable artists, she feels that she is free to use her “artistic license” to create whatever reality she dreams of.

Applegate’s artwork deals with shape, color and ideas, all based around her own version of reality. She likes to have several series of different subject matter in the works at one time, helping her to keep her images and ideas fresh and lively. Her images are part literal, and often incorporate “other-worldly” or abstract elements as well.

Many of Applegate’s pieces contain suggestions of the macrocosmic or microcosmic in them, often using circles or repetition to indicate the ongoing cyclic nature of life.

Applegate maintains a sense of humor, and loves to leave room in her work for the mysterious, the personal interpretation.

“I want to explore the different aspects of my world, and do it my way — with my own twist on reality. I don’t want to be completely literal with what I paint, but I want to use my mind, my style, my color sense, my observation of people and places to fill a space with interest and excitement. Not a conventional view, but an ongoing discovery.

“I’m a seeker: seeking ways to see things uniquely. I use a lot of ‘free association’ to define myself by distilling what I see and ultimately express.”

It is no wonder that Applegate refers to her artwork as “reality with a twist.”

As Aristotle said, “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”

SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts: Gallery, Studio and Workshops is located at 333 Bastille Drive, two blocks north of U.S. 160, off of North Pagosa Boulevard. 

The 4,000 square-foot art center houses a fine art gallery and ceramic studio, two mixed-media workshops and rotating exhibition spaces.

SHY RABBIT presents four to six exhibitions annually, showcasing the finest in contemporary art by emerging, mid-career and nationally recognized artists from throughout the country.

SHY RABBIT’s 2010 exhibition schedule continues with SHY RABBIT Print National 2, Sept. 4 -Oct. 31. Juror: Yuji Hiratsuka.

Workshops of all levels are also offered in ceramics, printmaking, and professional artist development, instructed by professional artist and SHY RABBIT Creative Director D. Michael Coffee.

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For more information on SHY RABBIT, visit or call 731-2766.

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