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Moomaw withdraws from primary

Republican voters will have one less decision to make in the primary election following the withdrawal of Bob Moomaw from the race for District 3 county commissioner.

Moomaw, the incumbent commissioner, was set to face Bob Hart in the Aug. 10 primary election.

Moomaw’s letter withdrawing his candidacy was received by Archuleta County Clerk June Madrid July 19.

“I’m going to be 69 Friday, and Janice (Moomaw’s wife) and I decided it was time for us to move on to a different phase of our life and work on our bucket list,” Moomaw said.

Moomaw noted differences in motivations for running for his first term and for reelection.

“The first time I ran, I ran because I was upset about how the county was spending money and how dysfunctional the BoCC was, and I thought I could fix that,” Moomaw said of his initial decision to run.

Moomaw said when it came time to run for reelection, he felt he was running to please those people he respected, who wanted him to run.

“I allowed myself to be talked into running and it never really felt right, and my family didn’t really want me to run,” Moomaw said.

Moomaw noted that a number of things pushed him to realize that his priorities were changing and, while he will still be involved with the community, it was time to play more and work less, though he said he has no plans to vacate his office early.

Moomaw said he and commissioners Clifford Lucero and John Ranson, “have developed into an extremely good team and the challenge for the new commissioner is going to be to become a member of that team, and I really hope they can do it.”

Moomaw said one thing he intends to concentrate on after his term is up is to work toward a Home Rule Charter for county government, noting that getting good candidates to run is a problem with the current district system, which he believes eliminates potential candidates.

Because the primary ballots were printed and mail-in ballots were sent out before Moomaw’s withdrawal, any votes cast for Moomaw will be deemed invalid and will not be counted.

Hart will now move on to face independent candidate Michael Whiting in the November general election.