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High Rollers perform at Town Park Friday

If you are looking for some high quality entertainment at a very reasonable price Friday night, look no further than the Pagosa Springs Town Park.

The High Rollers willperform on July 16, from 6:30 to 10 p.m.,  for the benefit of the Pagosa Wrestling Club.   You can get excellent entertainment and good food at a very low cost.  The club is asking, not requiring, a $5 ticket donation per adult with children under 12 free.   Save yourself the trouble of making dinner and buy a brisket or pulled pork sandwich plate which will be on sale starting at 6 p.m. for $5 a plate.  Soft drinks and other concessions will also be on sale and there will be baked goods auctioned as well. Funds provide travel expenses for club wrestlers.

At 6:30 the High Rollers will take the stage for outdoor listening and if you like, dancing. The top caliber ,four- piece band comes complete with a professional sound man and sound system that is made for outdoor concert venues. The band specializes in contemporary country music and classic rock and roll cover tunes with a few of their own original songs added in.  Their high energy shows are marked by excellent three and four part vocal harmonies, backed by guitar, fiddle and a variety of other musical instruments.

 The band plays to big audiences wherever they are booked, and one of the keys to the popularity of the High Rollers is song selection. Summarizing the philosophy of the group Andy Janowsky said, “Our goal is to play what people want to hear, the way they are used to hearing it played, and when what people like to hear is what we like to play, that’s when it’s really fun.

“Our song selection is geared toward making this happen. We attempt to pick songs that appeal to people regardless of musical preferences and styles. For example, you may not like a lot of standard country music, but there are country songs that crossover and appeal to just about everyone, whether it’s in the words or the sound, and that’s what we try to find. And, we try to pay our respects to other styles of music as well, which is why we like to play Spanish music, country and southern rock, a little R&B, as well as western and western swing. Good music that pleases everyone.

“The band members all have their favorite style, so we’re not limited to country music. Garrett Valencia (guitarist) grew up playing Spanish music and still cites Al Hurricane as his all time hero, but loves classic rock and roll as well. Fiddle player Jeff Johnson is a Bob Wills and western swing fan. Mike Canterbury the drummer and I are probably the purest country fans in the group but even we have a wide variety of other tastes.”

As far as song selection is concerned, another quality the High Rollers are on the lookout for is a song that is challenging to play or sing, particularly when in comes to vocal harmonies. One area of consistent praise for the band is their tight three or four part harmonies. It is something that requires thought and it can’t be done well without some focused rehearsal.

Recently, due to increasing requests, the band has departed from playing strictly popular covers to adding some original songs by bass player Andy Janowsky. Janowsky has been writing songs for over 15 years, and has “in the neighborhood of 200” songs and poems he has recorded or performed. The songs feature pleasing melodies along with thought provoking lyrics and/or clever tongue-in-cheek- humor.

With the High Rollers, you get the quality of a national touring band from a group of on stage veterans all with roots and homes in southwest Colorado.

Come hungry, bring a lawn chair, some friends and be prepared for some great entertainment at an unbeatable price.  It is a guaranteed fun evening for the whole community!  Join us at Town Park on July 16 at 6:30 p.m.