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Aspen Springs park project to receive PROST funds

The Archuleta County Board of County Commissioners faced a number of decisions at their regular meeting Tuesday — a meeting that lasted nearly three-and-a-half hours.

With the bulk of the meeting spent discussing a proposed LPEA substation upgrade and a proposed gravel pit (see related stories), the BoCC made quick work of a number of other considerations, doling out 1A Parks and Recreation funds, and continuing three building and planning items to later meetings.

In total, $30,000 was awarded to the Aspen Springs Community Pride group, $15,000 from 1A Parks and Recreation and $15,000 from the Conservation Trust Fund, for a park in Aspen Springs Unit 5.

The PROST taskforce unanimously recommended the $15,000 from 1A be awarded.

According to Karin Kohake, county representative on the PROST taskforce, and Pride spokesperson Ronnie Zaday, the park will include a gazebo, volleyball court, two horseshoe courts and a tetherball court, at a total cost of $58,000, several thousand of which has been received as in-kind donations.

Commissioners Bob Moomaw and Clifford Lucero indicated they were pleased with the 1A funding being used for the park in the Aspen Springs subdivision, the first park outside town boundaries to receive the funding.

Another $5,400 from the 1A Parks and Recreation Fund was awarded to the Weminuche Audubon Society for the purchase of six interpretive signs for the Piedra River Watchable Wildlife Viewing Area at Navajo Lake, located in the Navajo State Park.

Though the funds are being committed in 2010, they won’t be spent on the project until 2011, Kohake said.

Although the park charges an entry fee, PROST and the BoCC felt that it was open to the public and the Society had worked with a number of organizations on the project, as well as for money funding a project in another part of Archuleta County.

•The BoCC approved a resolution adding a section to the county-adopted 2006 International Residential Building Code and 2006 International Building Code regulating the placement of natural gas and propane gas meters and regulators, and electric meters on all new buildings at the gable end of the buildings, to help in the snowy months.

• The commissioners continued three items related to the building and planning department: amending the Land Use Regulations for minor variances on setback requirements; a proposal to add over-the-counter permitting for some items; and amending the county fee schedule to reflect the above possible changes.

All three items were continued to the July 20 BoCC meeting.

•The county approved a resolution supporting Colorado Counties, Inc.’s health and human services policy statement advocating the local administration of Colorado Human Services.

• Similarly, the board approved endorsing the creation of an analyst and coordinator position for the Colorado Social Services Directors Association.

The next regular BoCC meeting is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. July 20, in the Archuleta County Courthouse.