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Road work continues in Alpha subdivision

The Alpha Rockridge Road District will apply water to the major sections of roadway within the Alpha subdivision to minimize dust through July 10.

During the week of July 11, a three-mile section of road from Alpha Drive to the end of Great West will undergo a major renovation.

During that week, the road will be graded, watered and rolled, and a clear coating of copolymer will be applied that will eliminate dust and stabilize the road surface.

The material being applied requires 24 hours to completely dry, and it should not be driven on for that period of time.

Our contractor (Hart Construction) will ensure that one lane is kept open for ingress/egress, but individual driveways along that stretch will be routinely blocked for 24 hours which will require residents to park their cars on the shoulder of the roadside during that time. We plan on instituting a “one-way” traffic flow pattern entering Alpha at Alpha Drive and leaving Alpha by way of Great West. Roads will be posted and our contractor will have people directing traffic. Please follow their instructions.

We anticipate that the work will be completed by the end of the week.

We realize this presents some challenges to all of us, but we also believe the end result will be to everybody’s satisfaction.