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Southwest Center for Independence, Archuleta County Outreach

Since no-cost AARP assistance with taxes and the Colorado rebate did not take place in Archuleta County this year, help with applications for the Colorado Renters/Home Owners Rebate program will be provided to local residents with disabilities who did not have work-related income.

Last year, this rebate was almost $300, and if you missed applying, it’s not too late. Call Southwest Center for Independence, 582-9184, for an appointment and to get information on the documents you need to attach to the application form.

An anxiety management support group will form in the coming months. Having lived with a panic disorder for two decades, I will be able to understand and facilitate learning and practicing the physical and cognitive skills needed to minimize or even defeat this terrible condition! Realizing how difficult it can be to leave home, initial skills can be taught during home visits. It is hoped that a phone support network can be developed among those of us not able to tolerate outside contact on a regular basis. Have a friend or family member call on your behalf, if that is necessary, but take the first step! You can be free again. Call 582-9184 for more information.

I am available to help new and continuing computer users improve their skills and increase comfort levels with both online and desktop computer use. There are several places in the community that have computers available for public use, at no cost, if you don’t have your own computer yet. Shop from home, watch movies, keep in touch with your friends and family by e-mail — there is a world of convenience waiting at your finger tips.

Help spread the word: the Southwest Center for Independence has come to Archuleta County. I am personally familiar with most of the services and resources available to people with disabilities to improve their quality of life in Archuleta County. We also offer peer counseling and skills acquisition assistance. If you have a disability and would like some help, please give me a call.