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Fighting against the blueprint

We are the poem in the poet’s mind.

In each of us is the poet’s genius and an original, but many of us are fighting against ourselves and the one who has drawn up the blueprints of our lives? It is probably because we do not have a clear understanding of what we want and who we are and how to get there.

Recently I saw a movie called “Music Within.” It is a true story of a motivational speaker by the name of Richard Pimentel. He had a talent for speaking. He loved to debate and had a winning personality. He had plenty of words to say, but a lot of words with no substance.

At Northwestern College, one of the professors, Dr. Ben Padrow, shattered his dreams. He said he was one of the best debaters he had ever seen, had an unusual gift for speaking but he didn’t have anything to say. His advice to the young man was, “Go out and earn a point of view.”

Feeling like a failure, Pimentel floundered and enlisted in the army for a tour of duty in Vietnam. A bomb blast took away his hearing and the story goes on. Out of determination, he learns to read lips not wanting to show his handicap. He discovered how others also with disabilities were treated with pity and disdain.

He tries to help his disabled friends with their needs, finding jobs for them and listening to their stories. Out of his own handicap came “his music within.” He became an advocate and set out to pass laws that recognized the handicap in the 1980s.

I was talking to a friend who was on a debate team in college. She laughed and said she loved debating and she could have changed sides very easily and debated for the other side. At that point in her life, she had not yet learned what was important to her; she had not earned a point of view, she just liked to debate. Maybe that is how many of us are.

Until we have drunk of life deeply we will not discover our own music within. Usually life has to unravel before hear the poem we are created to be and know the heart of the poet. We each have been designed with our own sound and lyrics, and we must learn to listen to our own music.

For artists and writers who paint and write with heart, they have “earned a point of view.” They have learned what is important to them. How did they earn that? It probably didn’t come easy but with a lot of hard knocks. It usually takes a lot of fight, a lot of rejection, a lot of determination and a lot of surrender to the Master of the blueprint.

Sometimes the direction of life pushes us along and adds clarity to where we are going and what we are all about. Things happen along the way in which we think are going to be our undoing but they become our doing.

Sometimes I think I have detoured from the blueprint of my own life and if I could have gotten a handle on my life earlier, I might have done it differently. I don’t know if I could have. I have always said I needed everything I got to make me who I am today.

The arts have been my best teacher. I’ve had to learn about me as I have honed my talent. I’ve learned how the creative mind works and how the arts feed the soul. It has taken me a life time.

Final brushstroke: There are no shortcuts. The blueprint is still on the drafting table; maybe we are just now learning how to read it and maybe we are learning how to hear our own music.

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From a writer friend:

The article on Tebow, it seems to me Tebow had the cart before the horse. Those guys already knew of his convictions; they didn’t know him. His walking in and spouting his convictions instead of walking through a few valleys with these guys just turned them all off, I think.  Just my opinion!


Farmington, N.M.

Artist’s quote

“The road to happiness lies in two simple principles: find what it is that interests you and that you can do well, and when you find it put your whole soul into it — every bit of energy and ambition and natural ability you have.” — John D. Rockefeller III.