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Flower Communion at UU Fellowship

On Sunday, June 13, the Pagosah Unitarian Universalist Fellowship will hold its first Flower Communion service, along with a brief reception for new members. 

The service leader is award-winning author, Julie Loar, who explains “All attending are invited to bring a flower from their garden or picked from a field to be placed in the vase at the altar.  Near the end of the service, each person may come forward and take a different flower from the vase.”

 She adds, “The Flower Communion signifies that as no two flowers are alike,  no two people are alike, yet each has a contribution to make.  The different flowers join to form a beautiful bouquet, representing uniqueness, diversity and community.”

The Flower Communion is a UU tradition begun by Czechoslovakia’s first UU minister, Norbet Capek, in the dark days just before World War II.  He was soon after sent to a concentration camp and killed by the Nazis.  His widow fled to the United States, bringing the Flower Communion with her.

The children will participate in the Flower Communion, collecting flowers from the people as they arrive for the service.  Their lesson will be on the Sixth UU Principle: “The goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all.” 

The service begins at 10:30 a.m. in the Pagosah Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Hall, Unit B-15, Greenbriar Plaza. Turn east on Greenbriar Drive off of North Pagosa Boulevard by the fire station, then left into the back parking lot and look for the big sign.  All are welcome.