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Dr. Christiana Koisey Hena to speak at CUMC

Community United Methodist Church is honored to have Dr. Christiana Koisey Hena, an inspiring United Methodist Missionary to Kazakhstan, speak about her experiences in Christian service at Community United Methodist Church on Tuesday, June 22.

Hena’s primary devotion is the promotion of community-based health care in remote areas of the world. Her presentation will follow a potluck supper at 5 p.m. Everyone in the community is invited to attend.

A captivating speaker, Hena is by calling a Christian disciple and apostle; by training, a medical doctor; by vocation, a missionary, and experienced by others as a spiritual friend. She has been a true inspiration to individuals over the world. Traveling long hours by rail and car, she has assisted with the training and equipping of local workers, often sponsoring workshops and clinics with the assistance of United Methodist related hospitals and churches from the United States. Each of the centers she has established in rural villages have become a place for persons to find regular Bible study, prayer fellowship, and sharing of the faith in addition to medical assistance.

She is a native of Liberia, where she became a Christian believer. Much of her life’s work has been done in remote areas of Russia. She has also served in the Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Her work in Russia is what drew local pastor, Rev. Jarrell Tyson and his wife, Natalie, to Russia and to missionary work there for the first time. The Tysons’ continued relationship with this remarkable lady is what brings her to this area to share her experiences and wisdom.

Put this date on your calendar now so you do not miss this exciting opportunity to her of her outreach, compassion and service.