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Rex Tillerson

As the Boy Scouts of America usher in the second century of scouting in this country, Rex Tillerson has been installed as president of the organization for the next two years. At the national annual board meeting of the organization, Rex was also one of 10 from around the country to be awarded the Silver Buffalo, scouting’s highest award for volunteer service.

Addressing an audience of about 2,000 scout leaders from around the country, Rex shared that his family’s active involvement in the scouting movement spans the entire 100 years here in America. His maternal grandfather, Patton, was active in one of the first troops organized in this country, followed by his dad, who is an Eagle Scout and entered the profession, then Rex, and now his son who is an Eagle Scout and plans to enter the profession upon graduation from college.

On his desk is a paperweight: “Once an Eagle, always an Eagle.” Rex stated that the values of scouting are forefront in guiding his daily decisions, both personal and professional. Son of long-time Pagosans Bob and Patty Tillerson, Rex is also president and CEO of Exxon-Mobil Corporation.