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Carla and Paul Roberts to perform at Sunday Night Unplugged

Sunday Night Unplugged will feature Paul and Carla Roberts at 5 p.m. Sunday, June 13. St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church hosts this service and program once a month and all are welcome.

Local musicians Paul and Carla Roberts have performed with their rare collection of musical instruments from around the world at fine arts concerts and school assemblies since 1974. For the next Sunday Night Unplugged, the Roberts will play meditative music on some of their remarkable array of instruments: Chinese cheng, Indian sitar, Turkish saz and oud, mandolin, cittern, recorder flutes, guitar, Native American flute and the cello banjo.

The banjo would not normally be considered a likely candidate for meditative music … unless it was a cello banjo, which has a marvelously soothing sound. An early American instrument the cello banjo played the bass part in banjo orchestras around the turn of the 20th century. The instrument has resurfaced only recently, after almost a hundred years of obscurity. The cello banjo is tuned an octave below a standard banjo and is strung with nylon strings. It’s an instrument that sounds at home playing ancient music from the East, or new compositions created especially for it.

The Roberts are co-founders and co-directors of Elation Center for the Arts, a nonprofit organization that serves Pagosa through community concerts and arts education programs. Carla Roberts has been very active in Pagosa Springs as a music and dance teacher for the last six years. Her ensembles of wind, percussion and dance students have entertained at events throughout the Four Corners.

Join the Roberts next Sunday, June 13, when they create a peaceful atmosphere with their music for Sunday Night Unplugged at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church 225 S. Pagosa Blvd. If you have questions, call the church office, 731-5801.