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PSHS holds theater and drama awards event

The PSHS Music and Theater Departments held their annual awards banquet in May.  From the theater department, there were 16 students receiving letters in drama for the first time.  They were  Kitman Gill, Hayley Hudson, Brooke Hampton, Isaiah Thompson, Leslie Baughman, Charisse Morris, Colin Oliver, Laura Bell, Tyler Sharp, Dillon Sandoval, Dakota Jarvie, Paul Hoffman, Jacob Anderson, Jordan McCullough, Max Miller and Dan Armbrecht.  Students must participate in at least two productions either on stage, in the orchestra, as a technician or crew member.

 Students involved in three productions received letter pins:  Zoe Fulco, Ryan Stahl and Ashley Brooks.

Students involved in more than three productions also received “paw print” letter pins:  Laura Stine, Ryley Gardner, Jared Burch, Ami Harbison, Trace Gross, Jeff Reardon, Emmi Greer, Robert Neel, Kelsea Anderson, Tim Yount and Silas Thompson.

 Two special awards were given: one to Taylor Anderson, who came to our school in the fall, performed brilliantly in our musical, and is now moving and leaving Pagosa.  The other was given to Josie Snow, for her dedication and selflessness to the Pagosa theater program.

 Preston Sandoval was awarded the “Sprout” award, given to a newcomer who shows exceptional potential as a first-time actor.

 We are excited at the number of students in Drama Club and in the theater and music programs at the high school and can’t wait until next year.