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Cloverbuds have a rainforest party

“Rainforests” has been the theme for this year for the Cloverbud program, which is for children ages 5, 6, or 7 who would like to start to explore the county’s 4-H program.

All of the activities and learning have been within this theme and have included a mixture of crafts, learning games, activities, experiments, and demonstrations from other areas of 4-H. Throughout the year, each Cloverbud has created an individual recording of what hey have learned about rainforests in a 4-H Record Book which is finally theirs to take home.

The program concluded for the year last Friday with a rainforest party and a graduation/continuation ceremony. Graduation is determined by age and allows those children to enter the 4-H program by participating in a 4-H project and club next year.

Three-year Cloverbud members, and thus graduating, are Megan Greenly, Lorah Jacobson, Amelia Laverty, Taylor Lewis and Cheyenne Sanchez. Also graduated are Alyssa Hubbs, Kylie Keuning, Dylan Manzanares and Zeke McQuiggen.

Two-year members and continuing in the Cloverbud program next year are Kaden McKee, Ben Starks, and Connor Starks. First-year Cloverbuds include Nicole Bartz, Lynelle Bartz, Max Bradley, Chloe Bridges, Graysen Castro, Paxton Fryar, Tai Fulbright, JD Guilliams, Nick Hagman, Macey Jacobson, Andre Jones, Kori Lucero, Cristobal Reyes, Trista Tully, Lexie Valdez, Burke Walter, Oceana Willis, Wyatt Zeigler and Emma Ziminsky.

The group has met two Fridays per month since November at the 4-H Building on the fairgrounds. The leaders of the club are Stacey Lewis and Lisa Scott.

For more information about the Archuleta County 4-H Program, contact Sandy Caves, 4-H coordinator, at the 4-H Extension Office or at 264-5931.