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Fourth-graders hold spelling bee

On Monday, May 17, fourth-graders had their first annual spelling bee at the Pagosa Springs Elementary School.

Each classroom had their own spelling bee and the top three spellers were selected to be in the final spelling bee. The spelling bee was scheduled so people could see and celebrate the top spellers.

The event was hosted by Mrs. Ford, a fourth-grade teacher who is, sadly, retiring this year. There were 15 contestants.

The finalists in Mrs. Hicklin’s class were Alice Chavez, Colton Castro and Marissa Medina-Chavez. In Mrs. Shipman’s class, the finalists were Joseph Segura, Frankie Romero and Marcos Cardenas. Mrs. Ford’s top spellers were Bailey Stahr, William Post and Christopher Valdez. Mr. Abel’s class had Abby Walkup, Keanan Anderson and Roland Sanchez as their leading three spellers. Mrs. Lucero’s class had Kelvin Su, Jacob Carter and Mitchell Beserra as their best spellers. Kase Anderson was not able to join the contest because of his move to Oklahoma.

After many rounds of spelling elimination, the top three spellers were Marissa Medina-Chavez in first place, Roland Sanchez in second place and Frankie Romero in third place. First-place winner, Marissa, stated, “Spelling is definitely important and helps us for our future academic studies.”

Delila Rue-Pastin is a student at Pagosa Springs Elementary School.