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Get creative at Hands-on Arts Summer Camp

The Hands-on Arts Summer Camp runs four weeks in June, for students entering first grade next year, up to kids in sixth grade.

Sessions will be held Monday through Thursday, June 7-July 1, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Pagosa Springs Elementary School Art Room. Tuition is $120 per week ($10 off per week if registered by June 1) Daily dropoff rate is $35. Class limit is 20 students per week (each class breaks down to $5 per hour with six classes of instruction and materials) Art students may take any or all of the four weeks of camp.

The teachers

Lisa Brown has taught for 21 years. She currently teaches art K-6 in Ignacio and has resided in Pagosa for 15 years. During this time she has taught art in many local programs.

Tessie Garcia has been teaching art at Pagosa Springs Elementary School for 17 years.

Tessie and Lisa have been teaching together for Summer Arts Camp for 13 years. Harvey Schwartz is the Hands-On Arts music director this year. Harvey is a retired public school music teacher. Currently he privately teaches his own piano vocal method, The Schwartz Course.


Harvey’s “The Summersong Project.” In this class students will perform dance steps, sing and play rhythm instruments and compose our own songs with piano black keys.

Lisa’s “Art Grows on You “ In this class we will create art that is inspired by the idea of the garden. Some of our decorative art projects will be garden sculptures, wind spinners, wish flags and grass head faces.

Lisa’s “Passport to Art.” Travel around the world through the creation of arts and crafts from many countries. As students complete an art project, their passport will get stamped. Some places of interest on our journey will be Mexico, Africa and Asia.

Tessie’s “Matters of the Art” class will teach Haitian, Chilean and Mexican Art; art students will reflect and create art of these countries. It includes self portraits; Andy Warhol-style art, watercolor, tempera, acrylic painting and accordion book making.

Tessie’s “Knows it by Art” class will bring something different and exciting to our budding artists: sculpture, ocarinas, puppets, mobiles, printmaking, photography, silk screening, clay animals, paper making and weaving.

Also, the camp motto is Art for a Greener World. Students are encouraged and educated to reuse, reduce and recycle. Students will make fish out of soda bottles and water bottles; paper is made out of old pieces of paper; recycles aluminum is used to make musical instruments It is amazing to transform things that are “thrown” away into incredible pieces of art. The staff enjoys exploring the infinite possibilities of creating art and music and look forward to teaching your child.

For more information, call Lisa at 731-3546 or Tessie at 731-9244 /769-4212.. Information on the camp can be found on the website:

Students need to wear comfortable older clothes and they need to bring a snack, water, lunch and a good Art-a-tude!

An arts show will take place every Thursday Evening at Estudio y Galeria 5:30-7 p.m. Their link is on the website. Hands-On Arts Camp is proudly sponsored by FolkWest, Inc.