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Letters to Editor


Dear Editor:

Unexamined concept, you say? How about unexamined reality: our local school is $11 million dollars short, but there are plans to spend $22 million on a trail from a public school to Red Ryder’s house (BTW, I really like and respect Fred Harman.) It’s this sort of government stupidity the TEA parties abhor. In both cases, those millions are our tax dollars. How about the “privileged taxpayers” agree to cut the trail budget by giving half to our schools, five mil. for a shorter trail and refund the rest to those of us who do not feel it is a privilege to pay taxes that are 90-percent wasted.

And for crying out loud. I’ve not heard anyone wanting to “return to an old America” society with all those criminal acts you list. TEA party people are just fine with women voting, equal pay, no slaves, no factory kids, etc. Get serious. TEA party people want adherence to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (which you didn’t mention), and cutbacks in entitlements, spending and tax increases. And some refunds.

Camille Cazedessus

Editor’s note: For the sake of accuracy: the only trail project currently underway, the Town to Lakes Trail, is estimated to cost between $500,000 and $1 million.


Dear Editor:

To bookend the future development of a Wal-Mart Superstore at Pagosa Springs’ east entrance, I read we’ll now have a new electrical substation welcoming visitors at the west entrance. Thank you, town leaders! It seems you’ve developed the perfect plan for a mountain town that draws its lifeblood from tourists seeking the peace and solitude of nature.


Matthew H. Roane

Editor’s note: For the sake of accuracy: there is currently no plan for development of a large retail store at the east end of Pagosa Springs, nor do town leaders make a decision regarding the proposed substation work on U.S. 160, west of Pagosa Springs. That planning process is conducted by Archuleta County and decisions regarding the proposal are made by county officials.

Happy talk

Dear Editor:

Wonder if that “Hopey Changey” thing for American socialism is workin out fer Jay Davison? His Messiah, Wilie E. Obama, recently claimed, “we’re beginning to turn the corner” and sure enough. Bam! Here comes another head-on collision with reality.

According to the Labor Department, 48 states have posted job losses since Porkulus was enacted in February 2009; over 3 million jobs have disappeared nationwide. And unemployment just jumped to a horrific 9.9 percent!

Of the nation’s 15 million unemployed, 44 percent — more than 6.5 million people — have been out of work for more than six months. In fact, nearly two-thirds of these have been jobless for a year or longer. And evidence suggests many of them may never rebuild their working lives completely.

But after heralding phantom “green shoots” of recovery for months, the Regime continues its happy talk. “We’ve broken this slide,” says Obama. “The worst of the storm is over.”

Thrilled that the economy added 162,000 jobs in March (the bulk of which were temporary government census jobs), Obama celebrated: “This month, more Americans woke up, got dressed and headed to work in an office or factory or storefront. More folks are feeling the sense of pride and satisfaction that comes with a hard-earned and well-deserved paycheck at the end of a long week of work.”

Unfortunately, Obama didn’t mention that those paychecks fell 6.7 million jobs short of his administration’s promises.

Meanwhile, the Regime is spending $1.4 trillion more than it is taking in this year, with trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see — the current deficit rising to 10.6 percent of GDP, the highest since 1946.

On March 15, Moody’s Investors Service, the credit rating agency, issued a warning that America’s triple-A status was in jeopardy. Wilie E. Obama’s solution: convene a “Deficit Panel” to tackle the soaring budget deficit (no doubt recommending further punitive taxation).

From the outset, this Regime has been relentless in its job-killing and economy-destroying mission. Its weapons: the Porkulus slush funds, the bailouts, the auto industry takeover, the health care takeover, the financial sector takeovers, coming cap-and-tax, amnesty, the sunsetting of the Bush tax cuts, mandating phantom “green” jobs, empowering unions, business-strangling regulation by fiat — it all adds up to a near-Soviet-level central command control of the economy. The inevitable result: government expansion, private sector contraction; but it’s all “unsubstantiated gossip.”

Which really gives new meaning to Joe Clown Biden’s recent boast, “I think it’s fair to say that most believe we’re generally turning the corner and moving from contraction to expansion … Folks, ultimately, we believe that this is the right path — the path that will lead us to a robust economic recovery.”

Sure, that’s right, it’s just around the corner; and Davison reveres the Obumbler. He’s so deep in the pocket of the insanely corrupt “anointed one” that he couldn’t find his A_ _ with a compass and GPS tracking. Sooner or later, he’ll realize that Obama’s presidency is a defacto dictatorship — but I doubt it.

Jim Sawicki

From the heart

Dear Editor:

To our veterans and families.

For several years now, on Veteran’s Day in November, our eighth-grade students have hosted a Veteran’s Day Breakfast for our local veterans and their spouses. This wonderful event brings these young students to meet our local veterans from several different wars, to serve them a complete, delicious breakfast and listen to their stories, providing some “real life” understanding of the sacrifice and honor of serving this country; and, indeed, bring their textbook studies to life. This has been the No. 1 highlight for my husband here in Pagosa.

Our vets now have an opportunity to thank this devoted teacher and parents by supporting an extension that is being launched this year with our current eighth-graders as they move into high school. Mr. White, with parent supporters, has planned to take as many as possible to D.C. in early June to visit all the monuments to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. On our personal trips to D.C., we have marveled at the large numbers of school groups crowded around the monuments — it would be so good to have some from Pagosa there.

If successful, he hopes this can become an annual event, the same as the Veteran’s Day Breakfast, and will work to have all contributions become tax-deductible. However, this first year, your contribution will have to be one that is simply “from the heart” in appreciation for our teacher and parents of eighth-graders.

Of course, the students are holding several fund-raisers, but additional support will be needed. It will be nice if our local vets take this opportunity to say “thank you” to them. Make checks payable to Mr. Scott White, note in the memo section “Eighth grade trip,” and send them to: Eighth Grade Class Trip, c/o Chris Flihan, Parents Representative, 16 N. Debonnaire Ct., Pagosa Springs, CO 81147.

Your contribution will be very appreciated and acknowledged.

Patty Tillerson


Dear Editor:

Last week’s election was an excellent example of grassroots democracy working at a level of government closest to the people. My thanks to all those who took time out of their busy schedules to vote. To those who voted for me, I sincerely appreciate your confidence and trust and will work hard to continue to earn both.

“The Customer is in charge” will continue to be my theme and guidepost for board actions and policy. I am convinced that such a philosophy will allow the PAWSD to do its part to contribute positively to the quality of life and economic health of our community.

Allan Bunch and I ran as a “team,” and it is apparent that the voters elected us as a team in order to be effective in bringing new thinking and ideas to the PAWSD Board of Directors. My respect and thanks go to the other candidates who also offered themselves for public service. Allan and I will undertake our duties with the seriousness, diligence and judiciousness that goes with being a trustee of the public’s confidence.

Roy Vega