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Adventist Prep students ‘on fire for learning’

Students from Adventist Preparatory School sprang to the door with coats in hand as they raced to Station 1 of the Pagosa Springs Fire Department.

Once there, the students went upstairs to the training room where they spent the day learning Red Alert and basic rescue skills.

Firefighter Kelly Robertson, along with Christiana Schmidt from the Archuleta County Sheriff’s Department and Brian Leewitt from the Upper Pine River Fire Department, trained Adventist Prep students in many various rescue techniques, emergency procedures, and carries.

Abi Portillo dressed up in a Gumby suit for ice water rescues while Liberty Thompson demonstrated the Heimlich maneuver for a choking victim. Yasandi Portillo and Indiana Thompson enjoyed throwing the 50-foot rescue rope accurately.

One of the highlights at the end of the day was when students were taught how to use a fire extinguisher and actually put out a flame. Cheyenne Martinez and Judith Portillo found this to be a lot of fun.

Christian education has so many advantages. One of those is arranging hands-on learning with community organizations which larger schools cannot. Some of our students will be inspired to be rescue workers or go into the medical field. Getting kids into life experiences helps them relate to the skills they learn back in the classroom. Obviously, these students are on fire for learning!