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Moomaw announces run for second term on BoCC

Archuleta County Commissioner Bob Moomaw has announced his intent to run for a second term.

According to a statement released by Moomaw, multiple reasons led him to run again.

“First, Commissioners (Clifford) Lucero, (John) Ranson and I have developed into an extremely good team. We respect each other and we all bring different talents to the job. The result is a very smooth running and productive BoCC,” Moomaw wrote. “I am also very proud of what has been accomplished in the three and a half years I have been on the BoCC.”

Moomaw took office in January 2007, in the midst of the county’s financial meltdown.

“When I took office in January of 2007, I inherited a bankrupt county and a very dysfunctional BoCC. I served as Chairman for three years from 2007 thru January 2010. During that time, the county went from bankrupt to financially solvent, living within our budget, and putting money back into reserves,” Moomaw wrote.

Moomaw continued, stating that the rise back to financial stability was accomplished via a 30-percent staff reduction, the development of a realistic budget and the replacement of most department heads, county administrator and treasurer.

The statement also notes the county’s transition from status as joke at state meetings to a county others come to for advice.

Among his accomplishments in office, Moomaw pointed out the reorganizations of the Archuleta Housing Authority, San Juan Basin Health Department, County Tourism Commission and County Planning Commission. He also noted the creation the PROST task force, which makes recommendations to the BoCC concerning 1A Parks and Recreation funds and the Roads Advisory Task Force, which makes recommendations on roads project and pushed for a five-year road construction and maintenance plan.

“I look forward to running on my record and on keeping our effective BoCC team together so we can continue to improve our community,” Moomaw wrote.

Moomaw also hopes to build on his record with a number of projects should he be reelected.

“If reelected, I’m very interesting in moving forward with a sports association, which would combine the resources of the town, the county, the school and possibly PLPOA, to where we can join our resources and have much more effective sports venues,” Moomaw said in an interview.

Also in his sights is possible governmental restructuring.

“I think the time is coming where we can bring forward Home Rule,” he said, adding that, although a state Senate bill was sidetracked that would have allowed the BoCC to appoint a charter commission, he hopes the bill passes next year. “If not, we can go forward with a charter commission election.”

As a note, the Town of Pagosa Springs town council operates according to a Home Rule Charter.

Also on Moomaw’s list of projects for a second term is continued paving and gravel work throughout the county.

Because he didn’t participate in the Republican caucus process, Moomaw is petitioning to appear on the Republican primary ballot. To do so, Moomaw must collect 298 signatures, though he noted he’s aiming for 400, “to be safe.”

Moomaw said he did not go through the caucus process because of shoulder problems and surgery, and wanted to be sure the surgery was effective before deciding to run for another term.