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Free showing of ‘Indigo The Movie’

“Indigo The Movie” will be shown free at 1 p.m. May 22 at the Liberty Theatre. Our goal in showing this film is to bring “mainstream” people into awareness of the Indigo phenomenon. This is a film of faith, family and an extraordinary child.

The plot: In this drama, we are led to observe the magic relationship that develops between an estranged grandfather and his 10-year-old Indigo Girl granddaughter. Due to family problems, they are forced to go “on the run” to protect her from a would-be kidnapper.

You might ask who are the Indigos of the new generation?

The new generation consists of children currently being born on earth very aware of their spiritual nature and mission here. They have been referred to as psychic, crystal, rainbow, indigo, star, millennium and the Y-generation children. All these children are here to assist with the ascension of the planet; however, each group has a unique role.

Resource information sheets with names of books about these children, websites for information and support group for children and parents will be available at the Liberty Theatre.

If anyone would like to donate money toward defraying the cost of renting the Liberty Theatre, it can be given to Becky Wall at the door.