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‘FRESH,’ the movie, is refreshing

“FRESH,” the movie, portrays a movement that is happening in America and worldwide.

The alternative food market is the fastest growing market in the United States, even though it still makes up a minuscule percentage of the food economy. Significantly, the USDA adopted the slogan “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” in 2009 and launched a national effort to build local and regional food systems that provide healthful food.

In this movie, we encounter inspiring people, ideas and initiatives happening around the country. At an urban farm in Milwaukee, Will Allen turned three acres of industrial wasteland into a mecca of nutrition for his neighborhood. In Kansas City, David Ball revitalized his community by stocking his supermarkets with produce from a cooperative of local farmers. At Joel Salatin’s farm in Virginia we witness his methods for closing the nutrient cycle, allowing cows, pigs, chickens and natural grasses to flourish and produce without an ounce of chemical fertilizer or industrial animal feed.’ By seeing these examples in contrast to industrialized monoculture farming, we can be encouraged to seek connections with where our food comes from. As consumers, we have choices when we buy food and we “vote” with our dollars. One opportunity to “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” will occur when the Pagosa Farmers Market takes place this summer.

The Southwest Organization for Sustainability (SOS) and the Pagosa Farmers Market will present the movie ”FRESH” on May 17 at 7 p.m. at the Ross Aragon Community Center in the South Conference Room. Seating is limited for this event. Advance tickets are available for a $3 donation by cash or check at two locations: uptown at DJ’s Italian Grill at the northeast corner of City Market Center and downtown at Moonlight Books. Call 731-6412 for further information.