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Bunch, Vega win PAWSD election

The results are in, and Roy Vega and Allan Bunch have been elected to the Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District Board of Directors.

Vega and Bunch were elected to the board with 630 and 560 votes, respectively. They will serve four-year terms on the board.

Sue Walan pulled in 200 votes, Ray Finney won 178 votes, and Ron Decker tallied 92.

In the election, 837 ballots were cast.

“It’s wonderful that we had such a turnout and it speaks volumes that the community turned out to vote,” said Carrie Weiss, PAWSD manager.

Though considered a high turnout for a PAWSD election, those who cast ballots were a fraction of the approximately 6,591 Weiss said were eligible to vote in the election.

Though high compared to most PAWSD elections, Weiss said that the vote count, “wasn’t a record-breaking one, but, nonetheless, I’m just glad that so many people got out and voted. I welcome two new board members and working with the entire board.”

Vega and Bunch, too, said they looked forward to serving.

“I appreciate the faith and trust that the voters of the district put in Allan and me,” Vega said. “It just points out that the district belongs to you and me and the voters are in charge.”

“I’m elated. I couldn’t be happier,” Bunch said, “I would expect, certainly, a modification in the direction the board has been taking over the previous years, simply because I don’t think the way they do.”

Vega said he hopes to go into his term with an overall approach.

“We look forward to serving with the carryover board members and just reviewing district policy and working for the good of the community and the health of the local economy,” Vega said. “We’re going to see how the new board organizes and we’ll be very, I think, thoughtful and judicious in examining all existing water board policy.”

Bunch, however, expects that some topics will be raised sooner than others.

“There’s no question in my mind that the Dry Gulch subject will come up very quickly,” Bunch said, referring to the impending formation of a Dry Gulch Project workgroup. Bunch said he thinks the group should not be limited to determining the size of the reservoir, but should also be able to look at other options for the project.

The first board meeting including Vega and Bunch as board members will be held at 6:30 p.m. May 11 at the PAWSD administrative offices at 100 Lyn Ave.