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Weekend events planned at Navajo State Park

Spring has finally sprung at Navajo State Park.

There are boats on the lake, fishermen on the shores, and all of the seasonal personnel are in place. The cacti are in bloom, clusters of orange paintbrushes are peeking through the soil, butterflies have been spotted, and many of the migratory song birds and shore birds are making their much anticipated annual appearance.

Several species of gulls, in different stages of plumage transition, have arrived. It is not uncommon to see Great Blue Herons on the lake shore in the early mornings, and an even better delight is seeing them soaring over the lake, reminiscent of their remarkable prehistoric relatives.

A pair of Western Flycatchers have been busy near the Visitor Center, providing short bursts of entertaining bird watching for the office staff. The raptors are active and the park trails indicate multiple use by coyotes, foxes, porcupines, deer and geese, to name a few. In addition to all of the great boating and fishing at Navajo State Park, there are other activities available, including the varied bird watching opportunities, hiking, camping, picnicking and flora identification.

A special Mother’s Day weekend has been planned, which will include a Kid’s Crafts session at 4 p.m. Saturday, May 8, at the Visitor Center. The kids will be provided with materials to make a Mother’s Day gift. Everyone is welcome to participate in a Mother’s Day Hike that will be led by the park’s interpreter on Sunday, May 9. The waterfowl, shorebirds, songbirds and the ever changing flora will be explored and discussed. Meet at the Visitor Center at 10 a.m. to participate in the hike. Bring your binoculars, or you can borrow a pair from the park.

The Mother’s Day events are free with a parks pass. A park day pass is $6 per vehicle; an annual pass is $60. Or, if you are a Colorado resident and 64 or older, an annual pass is $30.

For more information about Navajo State Park, call the Visitor Center at 883-2208.