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Eighth-graders set sights on D.C. trip

From the hallowed halls of the U.S. Capitol and the White House to the poignant memorials dedicated to our war heroes, Washington, D.C. offers a window into the heart of America.

A group of Pagosa Springs eighth-grade students are going to Washington, D.C. this summer.

History teacher Scott White asked his eighth-graders where they would like to go if they could take a trip anywhere in the world. He was surprised by their response: “Washington, D.C.”

The students want to put their finger on the pulse of American politics in the city where policies that shape our nation are made every day. The nation’s capitol is also home to the Smithsonian Institution, world class museums, galleries and monuments dedicated to American history. This is what this group wants to experience.

The eighth-grade class provides a wonderful “meet and greet” breakfast to celebrate the veterans of Pagosa every year. In the next month, these students will hold fund-raisers to help with the cost of their trip. So, if you see them working hard around town, please give generously.

Contact Scott White at 264-2794, Ext. 421, if you would like to help support these students. On Saturday, May 8, from 10 a.m.-3 p.m., enjoy a hot dog lunch/bake sale and visit with the youngsters at their fund-raiser event location — The Outfitter on U.S. 160.

If you are interested in having your windows washed, the students are ready with their squeegees and soap to tackle the job. Call White to set up a time.