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It’s spring, it’s snowing. Where am I?

I don’t know about you, but I was not ready for the weather we had last Thursday.

I left for work, pulling out of the garage, and to my surprise there was snow on the ground, sky, wind, dust filling the air with darkness.

Where am I?

I looked around to see how the horses fared the night, and they had been smart — they were under cover. I could hear their morning call to me, as I do all mornings.

I knew what they wanted. Was I the one with the food this horrible morning?

No, I would have to disappoint them as I do most mornings. You see, I don’t have time in the morning during the week for their pushing and nudging, which they seem happy to administer to me when I feed them. Sometimes I think they do this to me to see if more food will fall out of a hiding place.

I must admit I sometimes feel bad as they watch me drive away, and all they get from me in the morning is a loving nickname callout.

I’m sure Tomboy and Flash were wondering, “What is going on, can’t she see it’s cold, and we need food?”

They were in good company that morning. I was thinking a similar thing: “Hot chocolate and my electric blanket.”

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