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Cards of Thanks


The Colorado Division of Wildlife and the participants of the 2010 Pagosa Springs youth turkey hunt would like to thank the following people/businesses for their support and help in making the event a success: J.R. Ford, Blane Foutz, Bob Blauert, Matt Blauert, Rick House, Dave Gallegos and Durango-Farmington Coca Cola.

LPEA/Pagosa Fire District

La Plata Electric employees and the Pagosa Fire District would like to express gratitude to the residents of Pagosa Springs who donated to the local food drive held on April 10. Your donations helped to replenish the local food bank, with 1,764 pounds of food being received. There was also over $800 in cash donations. Once again, both City Markets graciously allowed our trucks to be set up in their parking lots. Thank you! Thank you to the following volunteers for making the food drive such a success: Lesli and Jon Allison, Bill Crouse and family, Steve Haning, Kevin and Lindsay Hoover, Steve Lynch, Jurgen Montgomery, Darin Rome, Brent Tanner and Sharon Walter.

Thanks again to all those who donated food items or cash, City Markets and volunteers.

Mike Alley


On Saturday morning, several of us who love living in Aspen Springs and have learned that we are to be stewards of the land, got going one way to practice that. I would like to sincerely thank Carolyn, Clay, Bill, Sherrie, Allison and Ben, Ronnie and Vickie, and Ron for doing a sterling job of picking up the trash on U.S. 160 in Aspen Springs. I feel so good as I see those orange bags beside the road and know it was a job well done. And my special thanks to Maria at the Trading Post for getting up at 4:30 a.m. to provide delicious homemade doughnuts and long johns for us when our job was finished.

Cindy Gustafson CUMC

In these times when so many of our friends and neighbors are facing struggles to survive, our community has once again stepped forward to help those in need. As many of you know, the Methodist Church food bank has been providing weekly food boxes for more families than ever before. Recently, the food supply has been almost depleted. Individuals as well as businesses and service organizations have learned about the need for food supplies, and your response has been tremendous. Our appreciation goes out to the owners and patrons of Curves, to the congregation at Mountain Heights Baptist Church, to the Pagosa Fire Department, and to the LPEA-International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers for recent food drives. Thanks to all of you who planned and contributed to these food drives. Thanks also to all the individuals who have brought food items to the church. Your generosity has made a big difference in the daily lives of many people.

With gratitude to all of you,

The Congregation of Community United Methodist Church


There was a line in the recently performed “High School Musical” that referred to the “The Miracle Worker”— the true story of Anne Sullivan, the teacher who brought a blind, deaf, mute Helen Keller out of her personal darkness into an inspiring life of public accomplishment.

A true “miracle worker” for our kids in Pagosa is our own Dale Morris. Dale makes herding cats, (or, as in this production alone, more than 50 kids), look like a walk in the park. With tireless dedication, patience and persistence, week after week, Dale coaxes a wide range of talent out of the “darkness” of nightly rehearsals to bring us dazzling performances on show nights at the high school and with the Music Boosters. But, even more important is what she gives to and shares with our kids every day. The discipline, mentoring, guidance, direction, counsel, friendship, encouragement and inspiration that Dale provides are gifts and life experiences that extend far beyond the theatre stage. On a personal note, Dale has been profoundly instrumental in helping shape my son’s future life direction as well as nurturing his confidence and abilities to make his dreams come true. We can’t thank her enough for what she’s shared with our family. I know I’m not the only parent who feels blessed for her influence in our kids’ lives, so I would encourage this community to recognize, appreciate and support one of Pagosa’s greatest community treasures and “miracle worker” — Dale Morris. With eternal gratitude, friendship and appreciation, thanks, Dale, for all you do.


Bill and Julie Reardon


A note of thanks to all the folks who helped Simon with his broken leg. Simon is a little over a year old and is a white chihuahua. He was with us two weeks (from the Humane Society), when in an accident he broke both bones in his right front leg. Thanks to Polly and Dave with High Peaks Veterinary for diligent and kind care; to the Amigo Fund, friends Lynn Kempher and Tim Bristow for financial support. A special thanks to all those who sent prayers and moral support. Simon’s leg has healed straight and strong. He is a great joy and a special little guy.

Shelleah Conitchan


Pagosa Game Space had a pre-release party for Magic (a collectible card game) Saturday, April 17. A few local businesses were quite generous in supporting our efforts to bring in out-of-town visitors. We greatly appreciate and thank Pinewood Inn, The Rose restaurant, the Overlook and the Liberty Theatre. Thank all of you for your kindness. It is good to live in a community where we can support and count on one another.

Maggie Greenwood and Steve Ives