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New self-help homes receive high energy marks

In 2009, families and individuals participating in Colorado Housing Inc.’s mutual self-help home building program completed and purchased 15 Energy Star qualified affordable homes in Archuleta, La Plata and Montezuma counties.

According to Energy Star, “Colorado Housing, Inc. is doing its part to help protect the environment while offering consumers new homes that are more comfortable and save money on utility bills.”

In fact, Colorado Housing Inc. is exceeding the Energy Star minimum standard, frequently receiving Home Energy Rating System (HERS) scores as low as 56, far exceeding the baseline score of 85 (the lower the better).

By building these 15 homes to Energy Star standards, Colorado Housing, Inc.’s mutual self-help home building program is eliminating the emissions from 7.35 vehicles; saving 44,460 pounds of coal; planting 12.15 acres of trees; and saving homeowners $6,705 on their utility bills.

Twelve new home buyers are slated to begin construction in 2010 and a wait list is being formed in Archuleta, La Plata and Montezuma counties for a build this fall with Colorado Housing, Inc.

The mutual self-help home building program is a collaborative effort between Rural Development and Colorado Housing, Inc. to assist home buyers in the construction and purchase of their home.

Colorado Housing, Inc., a nonprofit affordable housing developer, is focused on energy-efficient construction practices that lead to long-term affordability for home owners which are ideal in this new world’s green economy.

For more information on building a home with Colorado Housing, Inc. visit the website,