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Colorado Kidsight Program comes to local Kids’ Fair

The Colorado Kidsight Program, a project of the Lions Clubs of Colorado, is offering a free vision screening at the Kid’s Fair to be held at the Pagosa Springs Elementary School on May 1 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Although the program is designed for children ages 3 through 5, children who are older can be screened as well.

The first few years of a child’s life are particularly critical in the development of good vision. One in 20 preschoolers has a vision problem that could develop into amblyopia (lazy eye) if left untreated.

Vision problems are not always evident by looking at a child. Young children often compensate so well that parents, teacher, and pediatricians can be unaware of any impairment. Some undetected vision problems are even misdiagnosed as behavioral issues.

The screening is simple, quick and painless. Lions Club volunteers are trained to use a special vision screener which is 85-90 percent accurate in detecting vision problem in young children. It is noninvasive, takes only a few moments per child, and requires no preparation or medication. Parents must complete a consent form prior to screening.

Children who fail the vision screening will be referred to an eye care professional for a full eye examination.

The Lions Clubs of Colorado have been screening preschool age children since 1977, and they screen over 22,000 children per year.