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Springs Theatre Company to hold auditions for Summer Starlight Series

Auditions for Springs Theatre Company’s third annual Summer Starlight Series will be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. May 1, at the new Pagosa Bible Church, 209 Harman Park Drive, behind Wells Fargo Bank.

‘Diner Daze Or A Match Made in Heaven’

Performance dates — July 8-10,15-17.


A young man and woman, Bobby and Bunny, dream of getting married. He’s working hard at the local diner to be able to support her. She’s looking for a career of stardom in Hollywood. Then a tragic accident leaves her with amnesia. She falls for a local hood, Nash, who, while younger, had been tormented by the local football hero, who just happens to be Bobby. Bobby works to get Bunny back. Nash enjoys the spoils of revenge. All the while, Bunny’s best friends, Cindy and Peggy Sue, aka the Bunnettes, swoon and sway to the sounds of the ’50s on the jukebox. The story reached its climax during the final scene, as Nash and Bunny prepare to get married.

Cast of characters: two men, three women.

Beatrix “Bunny” Henderson — A woman in her late teens or early 20s The heroine of the story. Wants to be the next Judy Garland. Until that fateful day…

Bobby Harris — A man in his late teens or early 20s. The hero of the story. Former High School football hero. Working hard to make enough money to support the woman of his dreams.

Nash Garrett — A man in his early 20s. The villain of the story. A biker type. Always a bad student, harassed by the football hero during school days. Would love to find a way to get back at him.

Cynthia Joyce “Cindy” Callahan — A woman in her late teens or early 20s. One of Bunny’s best friends and one of the Bunnettes, Bunny groupies, hoping to tag onto the coattails of their favorite, soon to be star. Thinks Bobby is the greatest.

Peggy Sue Kowalski — A woman in her late teens or early 20s. One of Bunny’s best friends and one of the Bunnettes, Bunny groupies, hoping to tag onto the coattails of their favorite, soon to be star. Could be seduced by the “dark side.” Thinks Nash is sort of swell.

‘The Scourge of the Indigo Sapphire — A Pirate Farce’

Performance dates — Aug. 5-7, 12-14.


Loosely based on a movie with a similar name, “Scourge” mostly takes place on the Caribbean island of Port Boyle. The governor and his daughter are headed to the promotion ceremony of the local naval officer. After the ceremony both the officer and the local trash collector, that is, “swordsmith,” ask the daughter for her hand in marriage. She sets a task before them and may the best man win. In an effort to find, commandeer, and steal the treasure aboard the Indigo Sapphire, the daughter, the officer, the swordsmith, and the Commodore end up on a desert island as the Sapphire’s captain tries to lift a twenty year old curse, which will return the pirates to their former state.

Cast of characters: four men, two-three women.

Captain Jacques Swallow: — A man of indeterminate age. Former captain of the Indigo Sapphire. Enjoys being a pirate, but deeply conflicted about the idea of being a pirate.

Swill Tanner — A man in his mid-20s to early 30s. Trash collector by day, “Swordsmith” by night. In love with Estonia, but feels he’s beneath her station.

Estonia Pelican — A woman in her early 20s. Fair of face and foul of temper. Tends to overuse euphemisms and colorful metaphors.

Governor Pelican — A man in his late 50s. Self proclaimed, yet delusional Governor of the Entire Caribbean and all the Lands Contained Therein, as so ordered by Papal decree, said document having been purchased from the “Emperor of Atlantis.” He is Estonia’s father.

Commodore (Harry) Herringbone — A man in his early 30s to any age. Naval Commander of Port Boyle, also in love with Estonia. Remarkably inept despite his lofty rank. Sent to Port Boyle to reduce his negative impact on the rest of the navy.

Captain Babushka — A woman in her late 40s or 50s. Captain of the Indigo Sapphire after stealing the ship from Captain Jacques. Wears a scarf around her neck to hide scars from multiple attempts on her life.

Mukluk Mel — Swill’s mother. A voice heard from beyond the grave.