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County Republicans set primary slate

Archuleta County Republicans held their county assembly on Saturday, April 10, at the County Extension Building.

The purpose of the assembly was to designate the county candidates to be listed as Republicans on the primary election ballot (the election to be held Aug. 10); to ratify the precinct committeepersons elected at the precinct caucuses; to consider resolutions generated by the various precincts and determine which ones should be forwarded to the state assembly; to elect delegates and alternates to attend the higher assemblies (59th House District, 6th Senatorial District, 3rd Congressional District, and the Colorado State Assembly); and to elect a vacancy committee.

Four resolutions were approved to be forwarded to the state assembly :

1. Legislative Redistricting.

2. Core Principles of Republicanism.

3. Birthright Citizenship.

4. English as the Official Language of the United States.

Introduction speeches were given by candidates and their representatives, and letters were read on behalf of state and federal candidates.

County candidates qualifying for the primary by receiving at least 30 percent of the votes:

1. County commissioner, District 3: Bob Hart.

2. Assessor: Natalie Woodruff, Keren Prior.

3. Coroner: Richard Aldahl, Carl Macht.

4. County sheriff (Pete Gonzalez), treasurer (Betty Diller), clerk and recorder, (June Madrid), surveyor (Dave Maley) had no opposition and candidates won by acclamation.

Precinct committeepersons were ratified:

Precinct 1 — Norman Whisman.

Precinct 2 — Warren Grams and Doris Lattin.

Precinct 3 — Norman Frazier and Jim Bavouset.

Precinct 4 — Larry Ashcraft and Craig Kamps.

Precinct 5 — Mason Carpenter.

Precinct 6 — Steve Wadley and Don Long.

Precinct 7 — Richard Bellis and Richard Dieterich.

Precinct 8 — Jim Huffman and Lee Vorhies.

The following were elected to serve as the vacancy committee for the next two years: Steve Wadley, Mason Carpenter, Robin Schiro, Roy Vega and Jim Huffman.