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Learn about ecodome earthbag homes and Southwest solar ovens

Southwest Light and Learning Center is offering its first, one-day double seminar on Saturday, May 1, starting at 10 a.m., at the Ross Aragon Community Center’s Arts and Crafts Room in Pagosa Springs.

The first seminar, “Ecodome Earthbag Building,” is free and open to the public (with donations accepted to help support both Four Corners Affordable Sustainable Housing and Southwest Light Center). Niara Terela, from Durango, will cover the need for affordable housing in this area, as well as the basic principles of earthbag building.

In the afternoon seminar, Dennis Whitney, of Aztec, N.M., will teach “Southwest Solar Ovens” from 1 to 3 p.m. Whitney will teach the function and capabilities of solar ovens, and show how to build one. He will explain exactly how they work, how they are built, and where to purchase one, as well as what to cook in one. There will be an outdoor demonstration. Cost for the afternoon seminar is $15 and will benefit Southwest Light and Learning Center, a nonprofit educational institute for higher awareness.

Pre-registration is encouraged for the solar ovens workshop. An optional potluck lunch will take place between the two seminars.

For more information, call director Ann Miller at 731-0694, or visit