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What treachery has roots in your garden?

Unearth the fascinating history of the tulip during this week’s Lifelong Learning lecture “Tulips: The World’s Most Treacherous Flower.”

Passionate gardener and bulb expert Mike Smedley of Durango will explore the 1,000-year intrigue of a flower that destroyed empires, bankrupted economies, and fueled lust with its irresistible beauty.

This photo-rich presentation includes tawdry tales of greed, scandal and mania – and a look at today’s survivors from an almost unimaginable horticultural exuberance.

For curious historians, nature lovers or gardener, this presentation will also showcase the best wild tulips to thrive in the Four Corners’ harsh climates.

This is a free lecture, open to the public, and hosted by the Ruby Sisson Library, located on the corner of U.S. 160 and 8th Street.