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Summer is coming — time for swim lessons

Swim lessons will again be offered this summer at the Pagosa Lakes Recreation Center during the month of June.

Water-based programming has always met a big demand and with warm weather approaching, parents are planning enjoyable activities for their young ones while also opening up the opportunity to acquire new skills.

Group lessons will be offered in 30-minute blocks, over the course of four days each week. Level I, Level II and Level III classes will be offered between 10:30 a.m. and noon Monday through Thursday.

Classes are taught by Marky Egan, a Water Safety Instructor, with eleven years of experience, certified through the American Red Cross and the United States Coast Guard programs. Marky is also a member of the American Swimming Coaches Association, USA Swimming Colorado and a swim coach of the Pagosa Piranha Swim Team.

June swim lesson schedule is as follows.

• Monday, June 7-Thursday, June 10.

• Monday, June 14-Thursday, June 17.

• Monday, June 15-Thursday, June 24.

• Monday, June 28-Thursday, July 1.

No classes will be offered in the month of July due to the high volume of pool traffic during that time. Some classes will be offered in August based on demand. Private swim lessons are also available during the summer.

Parents of children enrolled in swim lessons are asked to drop off their swimmers (already in swim attire) on the pool deck with the instructor and return when classes are over. Parents are welcome to be on the pool deck the last day of class to see their swimmer’s accomplishments.

Classes offered this summer will be for all ability levels and ages three and older. To help you choose the appropriate class for your child, here is some information about each level.

• Level I: Water Exploration.

This course is an introductory class for children being introduced to the water. Successful completion of the course is a very meaningful experience for your child. This level emphasizes being comfortable in the large pool, putting the face in the water, blowing bubbles, learning to float on the back and stomach, flutter kick and pool safety. Students will also begin to go under water for objects while holding their breath and begin to learn how to tread water. Students must be at least three years of age.

• Level II: Primary Skills.

Your child has made a good start in learning swimming and water safety skills. At this level, the student will learn to float on their back and tread water for a short amount of time. Students in this class will improve their strokes learned from Level I, kick while on their back, step from the side into chest-deep water and revert to a vertical position, perform reaching and extension assists from the deck, turn over front to back, and learn back crawl arm action.

• Level III: Stroke Readiness.

Students in this level will tread water, bob submerging head completely, dive from the side of the pool from kneeling and compact positions, coordinate arm stroke for front crawl with breathing to the side, learn the elementary backstroke, learn how to open airway for rescue breathing and refine strokes.

Give your child the opportunity to learn swim basics or to develop a swim team readiness. As research has shown, more than 65 percent of adults feel uneasy in water over their head.

As a longtime staff member at the recreation center, I have had the pleasure of being able to see firsthand the benefits of early exposure to water. These children, over the years in various age-appropriate aquatic programs, are comfortable and happy in the water. It would be a shame to not offer your child this opportunity.

PLPOA meeting

Tonight, the PLPOA board of directors will hold their monthly meeting at 7 p.m., in the Pagosa Lakes Clubhouse. PLPOA members are encouraged to attend, to bring to the board their concerns and suggestions and, in general, support this group of volunteers who have chosen to donate their time and talents, and put themselves in the line to lead this association.