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St. Francis center recycles for wildlife

Don’t throw away your used ink jet cartridges, old cell phones, dated PDAs, Palm Pilots, iPods or unusable digital cameras. They might seem useless to you now, but they mean money for St. Francis Wildlife Rehabilitation.

Instead of tossing these things into the trash, drop them off at Radio Shack for their new recycling program, “Recycle for Raptors.”

St. Francis Wildlife will collect your used items and recycle them back to the national “Recycling for Charities” program, which will benefit the wildlife center and enhance your efforts in environment clean up, as well. Radio Shacks in the region are participating in Pagosa Springs, Bayfield and Cortez by providing collection boxes at each store.

St. Francis Wildlife Rehabilitation is a non-profit, 501(C)(3) corporation located in Arboles, Colorado, and serves the Four Corners area with rehabilitation efforts for wild birds.

For further information, call Pat Jackson 883-2519.